I work with both knitting and crochet patterns. Services I offer include tech-editing, grading, chart creating, drawing of schematics, pattern writing (ghostwriting), and style sheet development. My rates and method of work are given at the end of this page. I offer a discount of 25% for first-time customers, and 20% for more than three services at once.

Remember that well-written patterns will be more respected by knitters and crocheters!

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Looking forward to our future cooperation!

Why me?

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was very little, so almost 40 years ago. A couple of years ago I started publishing my own knitting patterns, for now mostly for accessories. My self-published patterns are available at Ravelry, Etsy, and Lovecrafts, or through page Designs.

I hold a Ph.D. in metallurgy and for over 15 years I was the Technical editor and then Editor-In-Chief of a scientific journal, where I have learned the importance of well-written text.

For most of my time, I deal with spreadsheets modeling various processes, so the transition to grading patterns was very easy for me. The first time I crossed paths with garment grading and realized I could join my two loves for craft and spreadsheets, was when I read a series of blog posts by Sister Mountain How to Grade Knitting Patterns Using a Spreadsheet, and since then I just moved forward to  Marnie Maclean’s excellent tutorials and Faina Goberstein’s Sizing Knitwear Patterns Craftsy Class, and finally, I took A Masterclass in Grading from The Tech Editor Hub.

Technical editing

I’m providing a comprehensive editing service, including copy editing, proofreading, and technical editing.

Editing includes checking document vs style sheet, consistency of abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and phrasing, making sure that materials used are included in the material list, clarity and conciseness of the instructions, checking stitch/row count, grading – fit across sizes, schematics, and making sure that written directions and charts correctly correspond to each other …

For editing, I can add notes to a PDF, use track changes in Word, or add suggestions to a Google Doc-it depends on your preferences. I am at ease editing all types of knitting or crochet patterns, from garments to accessories, and all types of stitch patterns, lace, cables, and colorwork.

It is up to you to make the changes in the pattern based on my comments.

You can see some of the patterns I’ve worked on in this Ravelry bundle and Instagram highlight.


The main goal of pattern grading is to make sure that the garment fits the same at every size as it fits the model.
To be able to accurately grade your design I would need a complete pattern, gauge for all used stitch patterns, measurements of key points of the design, applied ease, and clear photos. If you use a specific size chart you would like us to refer to, it should be included. If you don’t have a specific size chart I’ll use the Ysolda size chart. Also, information on the size range you want us to grade your pattern in is necessary. We will be in constant communication if some other information is necessary to complete the grading process.
Derived numbers will be included in your pattern.

Chart creating

For chart creation, I use Stitch Fiddle, and I also generate written directions if required. As a starting point for charts, we can use charts made in another program, hand-drawn, or from written instructions.

You should supply us with fonts and stitch symbols you prefer, on contrary, we will use the default. Once the chart is generated we will send you for you to check and make changes. Once the chart is completed and error-free we will generate written directions. Charts could be sent to you in the picture format of your choice.


Visual representation of a finished knitted/crocheted piece with shown all measurements, not only does it look very professional, but it will also give your customers a preview of how the finished piece will look like. I drew schematics using Adobe Illustrator, and for the development of schematics, I would need a flat-lay photo of your design, and all measurements you would like to be incorporated into the drawing. Schematics will be sent to you in any picture format you prefer.

Pattern writing (Ghostwriting)

If you are not sure how to transfer your idea into a functional pattern others can follow I can help you with this. I can work from a sketch, or sample you made or I can finish the pattern you started writing. For now, I am offering to ghostwrite for accessories such as shawls, hats, mittens, cowls, and socks,…

During ghostwriting process we will follow your stylesheet, grade pattern in multiple sizes (if necessary), calculate yardage, make charts and schematics, as well as written directions.

Once the pattern is written it will be tech edited by another tech editor, and only then ready for testing.

An additional service I provide is drafting the pattern on Ravelry, so all there is left for you to do is publish the pattern!

Style sheet development

I will make, together with you, a style sheet, a document that defines the way that you write everything from your pattern notes to the phrasing in your instructions. It will help your readers recognize your patterns and help you to be consistent in your pattern writing.


My rate for all services is 30 eur per hour, billed in 15-minute increments, valid for all services. I will give you a more specific estimate after I have seen the pattern. I usually respond in one working day. Once you are satisfied with the estimate I will start the work.

After the edit is complete I will send an invoice using PayPal, due in 15 days.

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